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Highly insulated power supply units

DC/DC converters for medium voltage applications

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Welcome to
Siebel Elektronik GmbH

As far as power electronics are concerned, we are your experienced and qualified partner to support you with your projects.

Our competencies are:

  • to assist our customers with a project-based approach
  • to give expert advice
  • to provide all-round support by our development services
  • to offer a variety of high insulation power supply product lines and DC/DC transformers for medium voltage converters

Please contact us - we will be happy to assist you with any further questions.


Additive Manufacturing

In the past 3D-printed parts have already been used by Siebel Elektronik to build up prototypes and assembly devices. The availability of improved materials combined with the acquisition of a new type of FDM-printer makes the 3D-printing process an option for serial production also.
Additive Manufacturing

Regarding durability and temperature range materials are similar. During the potting process the rougher surface shows a clearly better adhesion than conventionally injection-molded parts. Likewise, it offers additional variability in geometric design.

Development projects can be passed on faster to serial production. There are only a few steps from a CAD layout to a printed housing; the manufacture of expensive injection molds can be omitted. Due to this additive manufacturing process we have become significantly more flexible to comply with special requirements and smaller quantities.