We construct inverters for you in the mid to high power range to meet your requirements. As well as complete systems, we also supply individual control components with customised software for your installations.

Send us your specification - we would be delighted at your enquiry.


For large installations in the high kW and MW range, we use the components and power modules that make up our modular system. The hardware is then adapted to customer requirements and provided with software tailored to the project. Previous application fields have been wind power, high-voltage direct current transmission, power plant systems and high current test installations.

Topologies: Inverters (single and multi-phase), step-up and step-down converters
Power range: 30 kW - 1,5 MW

DIC66 Inverter Control Unit

Dimensions: 160 mm x 90 mm
Power supply: 9 ... 36 V DC
Power consumption (not including sensors): ca. 3 W
Sensor supply via DIC: +-15 V, max. 30 W
Temperature range: -20 ... 55°C
  • 6 sensor inputs for currents, voltages, temperature, etc.
  • 6 optical outputs for driver control
  • 6 optical inputs for error signalling
  • 2 synchronisation connections for operating several DIC units
  • 1 CAN connection
  • Status feedback via seven-segment display
  • Rotary switches for identification with several devices on the same bus
  • Customer-specific software


Dimensions: 72 mm x 90 mm
Power supply: 24 V DC (max. 18 ... 36 V DC)
Switching capacity of digital outputs: max. 3 A
Temperature range: -20 ... 55°C
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 6 digital outputs (universal can also be used as input)
  • 4 temperature measurement inputs for KTY81-110 sensors
  • 1 CAN connection
  • Status feedback via multi-coloured LED.
  • Rotary switch for identification with several devices on the same bus