Business activities


Everything from a single source – we cover the complete scope: from design through development of hard- and software to production and subsequent service. As we are your competent partner in all situations, you will save time by minimizing your efforts.

Development and production are situated door-to-door, guaranteeing a fluent exchange between these departments. This enables a comfortable start of production of new products as well as a short-term implementation of special solutions.

Every step, from the design to the final product, is in close consultation with our customers. In case of questions or requests we provide any assistance.



Consultation is the first step to achieve a customized product. The focus is to analyse the requirements to be placed on the product. We will show you several solutions in order to meet your expectations in the best possible and most efficient way. Together with you we will search for possible savings by using sophisticated power supply technology. Due to modular concepts, you can use the customized component flexibly for different products and applications.

You will finally decide which concept should be realized.



Your suitable power supply components will be developed by our experienced and highly skilled engineers. Thus, we take advantage of their profound knowledge, and, if necessary, already existing components can be modified and adapted for your special needs. Our competencies are primarily in the field of power supply and drive technology.

Our schedule being always focussed on the production, no unexpected problem between development and production may occur. It is most essential to ensure smooth operational processings when designing your requested product. Due to the fact that the new product is already prepared for production during development process, this allows an earlier production start without long preparation time. This is the only way to realize the best development according to your requirements.


Besides consultation and development, production of customized power supply components is one of our key issues. We provide all necessary resources for the new product. In agreement with our development department special test facilities and programs are prepared to realize a smooth production flow.

Our modern and well-functioning production environment guarantees efficient and seamless work processes: besides electrical and mechanical assembly various coating and potting operations are carried out.

In order to satisfy our customer's high quality requirements, our products are subject to an extensive quality assurance system. A 100% control is imposed upon our products. In addition, selected series products can be subject to a climate test (burn-in). Test results are electronically recorded and archived which guarantees a traceability of all components.

All our high-insulated power supplies as well as customized components are produced at our Kreuztal premises. Thus, they are „Made in Germany“.



One part of our full package is of course the best service. To be sure that your new product manufactured by us will be in operation without any problem, our engineers will keep contact with you, even after accomplished development. In case of a discontinued product component or a functional enhancement, we will continue to supervise the design and perform modifications also in future, so that the perfect functionality of our power supply components will always be guaranteed further on.

However, if a failure does occur despite all due diligence with regard to development and production, we will perform an error analysis and issue a 8D-report. In this way we can improve our quality sustainably.

In case of questions or further requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.