Customer projects

Due to the fact that we keep the information about customized developments in confidence, we are unfortunately not able to give any details about the numerous reference projects.

In order to give you a summary of our activity range, we will describe some selected projects in a general way, without mentioning customers' name or technical details.


Customized Inverters

An inverter is needed to start a three-phase AC motor smoothly and to operate it at a variable speed. Due to the usage of inverters, noise can be reduced and energy can be saved.

If environmental conditions or particular functional properties impose special requirements on the inverter, implementing standard components is difficult. This requires an adaption or redevelopment in consideration of the customer's individual needs.

Wechselrichter für Drehstrommotoren, Pumpen und Lüfter

Power Electronics in Vehicles (Automotive)

Due to the fact that power supplies have to resist specific vehicle conditions (temperature, dirt, vibration) and installation space is often very limited, compact and solid components are necessarily required.

In case of electric vehicles the challange is to electrify all functions previously driven by a conventional combustion engine. This concerns, besides the drivetrain components, also several further auxiliary systems, e.g. air condition, power steering and alternators.

We produce and deliver customized power supply components for mobile applications in utility vehicles. These products have been adapted to the individual requirements of the vehicle.

Due to various customer projects we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the special requests by the automotive industry.

Active Front End Inverters for Renewable Energies

Energy produced by wind turbines and in solar parks is fed into the public electricity grid. For this purpose, active front end inverters of variable outputs are necessary. In order to guarantee stability of electric supply, the various specifications of grid operators are to be observed. As a result the active power at too high mains frequency can be limited, especially reactive power to increase or to reduce supply voltage is fed in. Also in case of a faulty grid, a well-defined conduct (e.g. LVRT) is imperative.

We have developed our own electronic control systems, which are specially adapted to the operation for grid inverters.

Einspeisewechselrichter für regenerative Energien wie Windräder und Solarzellen

Static Frequency Inverters for High Voltage Cables and Large Power Transformers

High voltage cables for energy transfer as well as large power transformers of up to 500 MVA must be tested by the producer in different ways. For this purpose, AC voltages with different frequencies are required. In case of cable tests, these are lower frequencies (<10 Hz) due to bigger capacities, in case of transformers these frequencies can increase up to 200 Hz.

We have designed suitable electronical control systems and inverters for various customer projects. The software interface or an HMI can also be individually adapted according to your needs.


Battery Management

Modern battery systems consist of numerous cells which are connected in series. In order to achieve an optimum output within a maximum service life, the cells should only be operated within a defined range. Considering that, it is necessary to measure voltage, current and temperature of each cell to enable individual adjustment of the current state of charge. For this reason, a battery stack needs a so-called "balancing".

We designed a customized battery management system which fits optimally into the confined space conditions of the battery.


Welding technology

High voltages are needed for welding processes. To achieve an excellent result, a precise control of the chronological sequence is mandatory. There are various processes depending on the scope of application.

We provide our customers with an individual power supply which is specially designed for welding requirements. Using this technology, voltages up to 500.000 A can be achieved.



Today many installations are configured as distributed systems, where a number of components communicate with each other via fieldbuses and share information. Being the most common user interface, the PC is ideally suited to evaluate and display this information.

Within various customer projects we used a PC as HMI, equipped with graphical displays, data logger as well as integrated functions for control, management and regulation.

There are various creative possibilities for a user software specially customized for your system.